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A Want.

A want is a strange thing.  Some times it can feel so huge it becomes an object, it almost seems to grow so much that it becomes a physical object we own.   Wanting can feel almost childish.   Its hard to reason with a want.   A want knows nothing but the want.   Its closed, its narrow and its passionate. It swells to caress the insides of you.   It doesn’t cue with the rest of the thoughts it jumps right up ahead and speaks regularly to the manager whilst along the way harassing the rest of the staff (the eyes, the lungs, the stomach they are all directed by the want.)   The want can compose scores and scores of tunes played out by your inner orchestra.    The want directs many scenes of the minds musings.

Let the want know the land of roaming raw and free but don’t let it control and manipulate your senses.   Let it be a companion, a guide, let it in but don’t necessarily let it win.   Wants can be uncultured, they can be ignorant, they can be selfish but don’t let this deceive you.  A want is always honest, a want is always brave, it will always speak up (even if it is just to your very inner self) so don’t shun your wants away just talk to them and learn from them.  They need to be educated as much as our uncertainties.