A Tuesday…

What is it about libraries?    What is it that builds that very library specific atmosphere?    Why is it I feel so at home in this world of encased words.    Room of unexplored knowings, opinions, views, sights, characters, stories.   I think its the calm for exploration, the etchings of imagination begin to lighten and sharpen.    Thoughts are welcomed, smiled upon.  Complete escape.    Escape into ourselves or into others but escape is held in hand.

I sit here today in the library feeling as though I have managed to capture time.    I have been given a wonderous amount of time.    Infact we all have but its how we play with it, its how we play with it that defines the feeling of the time of now.   Is it a gift, a chasing or a dragging burden.    Today however feels extended, I chose this morning, I chose what to do with my day off.   How would I be best pleased?    Many options, so many things to tap into but today I chose to wander and be.   To read, to write, to lunch and just see.   Just see inside myself, where I am.     I am content, life is the ocean (it can also be many other things just the chosen image of today is the ocean) and I am currently swimming and seeing.    Offerings of creatures of adventures are often on my path and the new is forever in front.
Phases of decisions, the planning of a decision can drive me mad, I can work myself up into an anxious frustrated turmoil with the placed idea that a decision can be correct, finding the thing that will satisfy most.    I am learning, once a step has been taken you just jump on to the baffling ride that follows (just dont forget you can hop off).    Loosen those self judgements and listen, listen to yourself, feel the colours of your mood sway.    

Here I am another being, another being with thoughts (not right, not wrong) just raw thoughts of my now.    In a couple of days it may seem relevent or not but here I am spilling.   This is a spilling blog, my essence, daydreams, happenings shall spill onto and into this.   This is here to read, do with as you please.   Digest or disepl, go further or step back, swim with your own thoughts.

First of a few.


is worth trying.