If you like dealing in the delights of life you need to surrender that pre-laid plan of yours. You need to often wander aimlessly, question curiously and accept graciously, to be a participant of the delights of life. You can paint you path in many colours and you can pathe your path in many ways but its best to be flexible with this. To run free off the path with no guilt of neglecting a pre-laid plan if the paint is a mistake then let it be but don’t live by it. Don’t let your pre-meditated paintings forebode your now canvasses. We charge this way and that, we stand here and there, we talk of this and that and we can never guarantee to ourselves or any other of the future. There is only hope, but what is hope but mere preparation for a pre-decided action. Live in the now with the colours that you have and paint as the drawing evolves. Don’t paint ahead and guilt trip your self over an unforeseen change of scene, colour scheme, direction. Let the world improvise so that you can improvise with it.


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