What is it to be lost in time.   To be taken by the very fraction of life you exist in, right then, right now.

Is it possible to deceive yourself?   How long can you exist looking blind ways to yourself.   How long can you live the deceptions of your choice.   If we’re in the wrong place we generally know.   We know when its time to act and release the knowing to let it guide us on down the river.   Its important not to get beached, its important to follow those whispers you hear from the water.   By all means, sit on the beach, sit on the banks and view momentum’s of others, of the echoes of you.   But dive in when the whispers get louder.  Don’t be a master of deception to yourself.   You only live the lie for you.   For no other benefit.   If the life doesn’t fit don’t keep breathing shallow, breathe deep and feel the influx, the tidal of life pour in and fill you up.   Where it will take you, you can not know.   The adventure of life is ever over turning.



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