Dose yourself up.

I ride around with myself.

When you travel alone you allow yourself to speak more.   I let myself trickle about my interior, a moment in the head and a moment in my stomach.   Myself becomes my constant.  I depend upon my natural familiar inconsistencies. I never guess how I am because my ear is to my mouth and I am fed with my-selves information.    I am my own best friend as cliche and romantically lonely that sounds.

I’m questioning whether it is possible for it to become too much of a dependency.  Too dependant on your self that no other voice or offerings can measure up.   I think this does happen and has happened to me in doses.   I take to much of my own drug.  I get hooked and so I immerse myself in the worlds of others to rehabilitate myself.   To build with more wonderful offered materials.   Life isn’t a solo act.   Life does however need you to walk with you, to talk with you, more often than we habitually participate in.


One thought on “Dose yourself up.”

  1. Balance, it’s always a balance. Good words Kebs, I need a solitary walk, and talk. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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