A drifting Venture.

Blindly jumped into the unknown. Not to much of a clue of the fuel that drove me here. To be confused by yourself sure can make you feel anxious. Plenty of questions but aimless with their directions. I am living with the unknown. My hands feel light of knowings and heavy with uncertainty. It all feels familiar but all so different at the same time. To have a sectioned map and to stand alone amidst strangers feels spacious and peculiar. Every body of skin is a new world. I do daily free park dwelling, revel in the warm air and drift with time. Unknown faces all so keen to delve into conversation. Many a chat, many an exchange. These free pleasures, these exchanges, draw out my ample amount of happiness but when alone I climb back into my mind cave and see what stores I have gathered and view what is needed for the up coming season. Australia is where I stand right now. I hold no immediate yes which somehow evokes a sense of longevity. I haven’t landed a bunch of flowers to enjoy their deadlined life but I have arrived with a bag full of seeds to sprinkle and anticipate the possibility of growth. A love for a place grows with distance. Its not until you are landed with memories that you gain knowledge of the love that was there or not. This venture is currently without purpose. I wake up and live each day with no knowing of where or when I shall make a new move. I am currently a city dweller, dwelling on the city.


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