So where to begin?   So much has changed and yet familiarity coats everything in comfortable pleasure.    How people are, where people are in their journey, all of this takes time to unravel.   The immediate meets and greats are filled with expectant exchanges.  Headlines of lives are swapped and then the now is swift to settle in.   As the sharing ground is re-figured, the stories, the thoughts and emotions are shed.   Shed may be the wrong word, more that the opening happens.  Once opened you are invited to swim with the other.  Swim with the other as they guide you around the waters they have been treading/diving/swimming.

I love this happening.   I can feel it in myself.  I can feel when the path of communication has wound and led through the forests and the lanes and ended up at a field. I can feel when I walk through the gates and the space lures for further discussion, for further sharing, time to be with one another.

Stomping around on much stomped territory.   Same eyes, new eyes.   Same thoughts, new thoughts.    Same people, new people.   I have expanded my taste buds and now everything tastes richer.  More depth from the mouthfuls we have from life.   More colours are seen and more smells are absorbed.  I feel its a little cliche coming back and now feeling more observent but its true, its apparent.


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