Time and its antics

At various points in life you really notice time.  Its pace, its recurrences, its absence.   A time gone by ebbing and living in the land of memory.   Perhaps slightly altered by the mischievous imagination who adds and swaps and colours a scene maybe slightly differently to the original.    Sometimes we sit on time, we hold on, asking and praying for it to stay a little while longer.   But time is lucid.   Time is there, for always.   No matter whether you live a life without a clock (a watch) or if you live with hours counted.   Time will forever be a companion because the seasons change, the day and night rotate, because we move.

Could we move without time?   Isn’t life a rhythm and isn’t rhythm time?  The enjoyment of time.   Think of a bank full of time, your account is full of time and we spend it throughout life.   Sometimes we will pile in and spend a lot of time on a chosen phase of life.   A person, an activity, or just a trail of thought.   We invest time.   Time is to be danced with.   Time is to be forgotten, time is to be remembered.   A collection of times.   We really just exist within time, just sometimes we walk in it and other times it walks within us.   The beat of you.   How do seconds fit within you?   Always different, always running at a different frequency.  This is life, this is our story.   Our plots, our characters, our moments of stillness are all played out in time.    We bend time and we are puppet-ed by time.   The giving of time and the receiving of time.    The beauty and wonder of time is that no matter what time your on we can all share in a time when connected.    Sometimes we run in different worlds of time and so we can miss anothers story, but time is to be enjoyed.   Times are to be had.   Be with your time.   Live this and the next, know and forget.  Listen to your rhythm and ride the changes.



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